Girly Stuff & Women’s Conferences

I have always been vaguely uncomfortable with me and especially with femininity. I’ve never really been into girly stuff – all the glitter, sparkles, pretty and pink stuff. They’re nice and all, at a distance. And unfortunately, all this stuff is what is associated with girls and women and femininity. It makes me shudder, and I shudder the same way when my son is wobbling his tooth at me or people are talking scabs and picking them!  Continue reading


Just started reading a book today called ‘Captivating’ by Stasi & John Eldredge. It’s about the three main desires of a woman’s heart, and that all women have these desires because that is how God created us. What follows is my journey through the pages of this book and the journey of my life. It is my hope, that other women (men too) might read this and be helped in some small way to be all they were created to be.

Continued in Captivating Part 2