A Gift From God

I had read the following from ‘I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just A Little Unwell’ by Leigh Hatcher and went “God, I wish someone would offer us a holiday (big sigh)…”

‘…A handful of very special people walked alongside my family and me every step of the journey. They were there, often with impeccable timing, to give us support, both practical and emotional. They wrote, rang and visited (always checking first if a visit was appropriate). Sometimes they even cooked and gardened for us, helped us out financially, or organised transport for our kids. One dear woman from our church organised for a meal to be dropped around for us every week. Two other families generously offered us the use of holiday apartements, both at the beach. Each offer came at exactly the right time for our family, espepcially our marriage…’ 

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Too Much Chocolate!

I love chocolate – in capitals, bold and underlined with lots of exclamation marks! And yet, I think I may have had too much chocolate this week. For the first time ever, I think I may have overdosed on chocolate, and that’s saying something! Too much chocolate! Impossible!! Well, so I thought, but…Before I tell you why I think I’ve had too much chocolate, let me tell you about how much chocolate I have managed to consume this week!

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Annoying Questions!!

I’m on the computer, desperately trying to type up thoughts on a story idea I’d had inspired by one of last night’s dreams, before I lose the thread and before X wakes up. As always, I only ever have a small window of opportunity. X is meant to sleep for two hours, but as soon as I count on that you can pretty much guarantee that he doesn’t! And then of course, I also use the time X is sleeping to run around the house and do all those jobs that are nigh on impossible to do while he’s awake, which doesn’t leave much time for doing extra things like typing up a story idea.

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The Countdown Begins!

We’ve done it! We’ve been talking about it for ages; dreaming about it. But today we made a decision!! We have decided what the next major step is for us, for our family and our walk with God. So it is not just us who decided. As a family we prayed and asked God to say “no” if this is not the direction he wanted us to head in.

Well, God did not say “no”. And so we have set the date. We will travelling around Australia, slowly. We’re not quite sure in which direction we’ll head first – there’s so many ways we could go. So far we are thinking we’ll meander our way slowly up the coast visiting some friends and relatives along the way. We’re in no hurry. We’ve said six months, but it could be more, maybe even a year!

So anyway, we are leaving on Monday 11th Feb, 2008! Whoohoo!!!

There will be more posts on this, but we are setting up our very own travel website so there’ll be more details on there. When I post here it will be more about my personal journey, rather than the family travels.

We now have our travel website up and running – The Great Adventure – and it’s really cool!

It’s Ok Mummy!

The other day I was in the kitchen washing dishes (seems to be a fairly regular occurance – just lately I’ve been feeling like I’m spending the entire day in the kitchen!) when I looked up to see B (my oldest) balanced on a small wooden stool which was balanced on top of the glory box, standing on tip toes, stretching, trying to reach the ceiling to stick up the paper balloon he had made ~ he wanted it to be a helium balloon!

Needless to say, I freaked a little! I was having Looney Tunes visions. You know, when Daffy or Buggs are balancing precariously on top of a multitude of boxes, chairs, ladders, tables, spinning tops all somehow balancing on top of each other and invariably there is an amazing crash with things going everywhere. If it’s Daffy or anyone else it’s a disaster, but if it’s Buggs, well somehow he manages to get out of it.

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Desires of A Woman’s Heart – Romance

As I have said in earlier entries, some of the “so-called” desires of a woman’s heart do not sit well with me and “romance” or the desire “to be fought for” was one that certainly caught in my throat!

I’m not exactly what you’d call interested in “romance” and being “fought for”. It just sounds poxy – like the princess waiting in her tower for her hero because she’s too insipid, too weak, too silly, too helpless to do anything herself! Yuck!! I can’t stand women like that and I don’t want to be a woman like that! I haven’t seen ‘Shrek the Third’ yet, but I have heard about the scene where all the princesses are taken captive and when Fiona says “let’s fight” Cinderella gets her glass slipper and Sleeping Beauty swoons onto the bed, waiting for their heroes to come! Yuck, yuck, yuck and yuck!!!

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I Took The One Less Travelled By

The following is taken from my journal, after a particular trying and hurtful conversation with my oldest I wrote down my thoughts, feelings and journey. It is essentially word for word, although I have taken the liberty of editing my words and adding a few more. 

Hmmmm. I don’t know what to write. Right now I’m feeling rather ‘non’, ‘flat’, on the verge of being depressed – the pendulum is swinging, you know the big grandfather clock with it’s big and ponderous pendulum swinging back and forth, tic, toc. Where will it stop? Nobody knows.

Actually, I do.

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The other night I was lying in bed listening to my youngest cough and cough and cough. He sounds like a smoker, and nobody smokes in our house. It was 2am and I’d just been up with him, changing his nappy and rubbing vicks onto his chest and his feet (recently heard that vicks on the feet then covered in socks somehow stops the coughing – I’m still not convinced though). I put him back in his cot and went back to bed and listened to him coughing. At first it wasn’t so bad, a cough here and there, not bad, but enough to keep me awake and listening.

Now before I go on I need to give a little history here. It’s only been recently, I mean very recently, that T and I have been made aware of just how real the devil is and how badly he wants to destroy us. Sad to say, until a few weeks ago, we fell into this category – ‘…Many believers live as though he [devil] doesn’t exist, having little understanding about the spiritual world’s ability to impinge on themselves or their families…’ p.16 from ‘Spiritual Protection for your Children’ by Neil T. Anderson and Pete & Sue Vander Hook.

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An Inspiring Conversation

I love this book! ‘Captivating’ has been an amazing, eye-opening journey for me. I have had preconceptions and my belief system challenged and it is changing as a result. So many issues have been raised from reading this book; so much stuff that I now need to go through and deal with and be completely set free from so I can live the life God has created me to live!  

Because I love this book, I’m telling all my girlfriends about it – some just look at me strangely, but most are captivated too. I introduced one of my friends to ‘Captivating’ recently and she was blown away and really, really excited about it (I since found out that she has recommended the book to two other women and she hasn’t even read it yet!) I read her part of the introduction and the bit about the Proverbs 31 woman.

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