Annoying Questions!!

I’m on the computer, desperately trying to type up thoughts on a story idea I’d had inspired by one of last night’s dreams, before I lose the thread and before X wakes up. As always, I only ever have a small window of opportunity. X is meant to sleep for two hours, but as soon as I count on that you can pretty much guarantee that he doesn’t! And then of course, I also use the time X is sleeping to run around the house and do all those jobs that are nigh on impossible to do while he’s awake, which doesn’t leave much time for doing extra things like typing up a story idea.

Anyway, I’d been on the computer only for a couple of minutes when B comes in with his fantastic “Art Book”. He sat down this morning after watching Playschool and made it. In this morning’s episode of PlaySchool they had made an “Art Book” – on some pages it had touchy feely stuff, on another page it had noisy stuff etc and B had sat down and created his own. Needless to say, he was very proud of himself, and so were we. He’d done a really good job and I just love it when he has been watching something, or hearing something and he is inspired to create one himself.

So he came into the office while I’m going at it hammer and tongs trying to capture the essence of this idea, sat on the floor and started going through the pages of his new creation with me again. I’d already been shown it a few times – he was very pleased with it. With every page he showed me, he asked me questions about it – what colour did I like best? Which thing did I like the feel of most?

When he got to the sound page he talked about the different sounds on his sound page and how some of the sounds could be annoying – he talked about this at length; when he’s on a subject he’s interested in he can talk non-stop for ages! At one point he asked me which sound I thought was the most annoying.

That was when I finally gave up and stopped trying to type up this idea. I turned to B and said, “Actually, I don’t find the sounds annoying. What I am finding annoying is the questions you keep asking me, as they are constantly interrupting my thinking, making it really, really hard for me to remember this idea and write it down”.

He paused for a moment, obviously thinking and then said, “What is the idea?”


Despite all that, I love my kids and I love the way their minds work, even if I do sometimes find it a tad frustrating.

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