‘…A Refiner & Purifier Of Silver’ ~ Malachi 3:3

You can actually find this post in the midst of another post, ‘Stepping Into A New Life – The Battle Rages Still!’ but I thought it was “worthy” enough and “important” enough to have it’s very own entry (especially as I keep referring back to it and can’t find it!

A year ago I found the following in my emails as I was cleaning stuff up (it was sent ages and ages ago) by a friend who is not a Christian, who thought I might like it. I did. And when I found it again, I thought it applied more to our church and what we were going through as a church, than for me as an individual. But as things kept happening and crappola kept surfacing in my life and in my family I began to realise that this story and this scripture ‘He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver.’ (Malachi 3:3) was for me. All this happened in the first half of last year (2006), by the second half of last year I’d forgotten all about it, but it came to mind again recently, in the last week or so! I love this story, have a read and enjoy. I hope it speaks to you in the way it spoke and still speaks to me.

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