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 I have decided to add a category to Eve’s Daughter called Books I’ve Read where I can share with anyone who is interested about the books I have read and sometimes the books Brydon has read too. There will be a large range of books here but not every book we read or I would never stop writing up posts on books – I’m behind as it is already!

So Books I’ve Read will include spiritual growth (from the Christian perspective as that is my belief), children’s, picture, fiction, non, sci-fi, fantasy, parenting etc. whatver I’ve been reading at the time. Although, I can guarantee there will be no horror or slash and hack or really depressing books in this section as I have decided that I no longer wish to fill my mind with images and thoughts that haunt me, depress me, gross me out or scare me – there’s enough of that in the real world and my imagination works very well thank you very much and needs no help whatsoever to come up with images that I’d rather not have! Oh, and there won’t be any “Mills & Boons” romance type stuff either!

An interesting thing I have noticed when it comes to books is how the same book can impact readers in different ways. For some it can be profoundly moving, life changing, hiliarious, while for others it doesn’t really do anything, they remain untouched. I have noticed this since reading ‘Captivating’ a book which has impacted me deeply – I love this book and I have learnt so much from reading it – and yet when I talk to others who have read it too, there are many who have not been touched so deeply and for others still, it was just a good read but did nothing for them. It was good, but what’s all the fuss about…

And I guess the thing is, different authors, different styles, different experiences relate to and touch readers in different ways, because everyone is different; we all have different personality traits, likes, dislikes, quirks, sense of humour because each one of us is unique. Another factor that can majorly influences your perception of a book is where you are in your journey, your life experiences, what God is teaching you, calling you to as to how a book can affect you.

So when I “review” a book I just want you to know that my reviews are not professional, they are my opinions and my opinion can be, and most likely is, different to yours, as it should be. So, let me encourage you to read the book yourself and make up your own mind. All I ask with whatever book it is, is that you read it yourself, listen to your own heart and make up your own mind.

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