Stepping Into A New Life – The Saga Continues!

While all this was going on Tim decided to see a counsellor – we needed to find out if the reason he was sick all the time was caused by his thinking, his thought patterns; in other words, to see if perhaps it was “all in his head”, or, was there some other reason, some other thing that could be causing his constant illness. During his counselling experience we purchased a book called I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just A Little Unwell’ by Leigh Hatcher. It is his story about his journey through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and out the other side. Continue reading

A Night At Circus Latino

This poem was written after we’d had a night out at, you guessed it, Circus Latino!

It was a great night, and overall, apart from a rather large hiccup with Xav at the start, we had a great night and really enjoyed ourselves at the circus. The acts were fantastic and the boys raved for weeks about Circus Latino and they would love to go again (so would I) and who knows, perhaps we shall.

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Deltora Quest – Books We’ve Read

Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda an Australian author.

We borrowed out these books for Brydon to read as he’d gone from reading picture books to a grade 5/6 level in the space of four months, so we were trying to find books in that caliber but still suitable for him to read, I mean he’s only 7 so we don’t want him reading inappropriate age level stuff – I mean, sure he can read it, but being emotionally ready for it and understanding it, I don’t think so! So anyway, we borrowed out these books and Tim and I read them first to decide whether or not they were appropriate. Well, we loved them and decided that we’d see how Brydon went with them.

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The Land of Elyon

The Land of Elyon series by Patrick Carman.

I chose to borrow these three books because I fell in love with the cover art. The pictures on the covers are beautiful, gorgeous. I eventually discovered that these beautiful pieces were created by Brad Weinman  Actually, it was the style of font on the spines that caught my eye first and when I pulled them off the shelf and saw the covers, well, I just couldn’t help myself I HAD to borrow them! This was while the boys were gathering a multitude of books for themselves (especially Garfield comics) at our local library. I was of course, in the kids section of the library, so, no surprises here, but the ‘Land of Elyon’ books are actually written for kids – upper primary through to lower high school (junior or middle school if you’re not in Australia – I think), however, as an adult reading these books, I gotta say, I really, really enjoyed them. I mean, I REALLY enjoyed them. And I also gotta say, hubbie enjoyed them too.

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