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Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda an Australian author.

We borrowed out these books for Brydon to read as he’d gone from reading picture books to a grade 5/6 level in the space of four months, so we were trying to find books in that caliber but still suitable for him to read, I mean he’s only 7 so we don’t want him reading inappropriate age level stuff – I mean, sure he can read it, but being emotionally ready for it and understanding it, I don’t think so! So anyway, we borrowed out these books and Tim and I read them first to decide whether or not they were appropriate. Well, we loved them and decided that we’d see how Brydon went with them.

They were the classic good versus evil story in bitesized chunks, as the mother who recommended them to me said,  “The ‘Lord Of The Rings‘ for kids” and I have to agree, although not just for kids, we adults loved them too! The basic story which runs through the series is Leif, Barda & Jasmine’s journey to recover the lost jewels for the Belt of Deltora so the Shadow Lord who had taken over their land could be defeated. There are eight books in this series and each one is just as enjoyable as the first. Leif, Barda & Jasmine make many friends and defeat many ferocious enemies and each of them grows up a little bit more with each book, becoming better people as a result, of course they still retain their many foibles that make them human and so still suffer from pride, stubborness, rash actions etc – just like everybody else I know. And oh how I want to be an adventure like that! So does Brydon – fighting monsters, helping people, making a difference, a good difference. Hmmmm, John Eldredge‘s book ‘Epic comes to mind.

I loved the cover art with the celtic knotwork borders. Each book cover comes with the main monster they need to defeat to retrieve a gem for the Belt of Deltora. All the artwork for these books has been created by Marc McBride and it is fantastic. He has also published two books with Emily Rodda called ‘How to Draw Deltora Dragons & Other Creatures‘ and ‘How To Draw Deltora Monsters‘.

The eight books in the Deltora Quest Series are (in order): ‘The Forests of Silence‘, ‘The Lake of Tears‘, ‘City of the Rats‘, ‘The Shifting Sands‘, ‘Dread Mountain‘, ‘The Maze of the Beast‘, ‘The Valley of the Lost‘ & ‘Return to Del‘.

One thing I would recommend though, make sure you have access to all the books before you start, it was really frustrating having to wait for other people to return them to the library before we read the next couple of books.

Brydon’s ratings: excellent!!! If I could find some stars these books would get a 10 1/2 star rating out of 10! Definitely worth reading, especially for those who love adventure, excitement, good overcoming evil, fantasy etc. As for us, we’ll definately be buying all the Deltora Books when we have the money as I’m sure Brydon will read them again and again, not to mention his brothers will also read them some time in the future, I am sure.

But wait there’s more! Emily Rodda also wrote two more Deltora Quest series which are just as good as the first and are Leif, Barda & Jasmine off on more adventures yet again to completely free Deltora from the grip of the Shadow Lord. And yes, we have read them, and yes we loved them.

They are Deltora Quest 2 – ‘Cavern of the Fear‘, ‘The Isle of Illusion‘ & ‘The Shadowlands‘ where Lief, Barda & Jasmine go on an adventure in search of the Pirran Pipe, the only “weapon” the Shadow Lord feared.

And the last in the Deltora Quest adventures is Deltora Quest 3 – ‘Dragon’s Nest‘, ‘Shadowgate‘, ‘Isle of the Dead‘ and ‘Sister of the South‘ where Lief, Barda & Jasmine search for the four ‘sisters’ to free Deltora from the last hold the Shadow Lord holds over their land.

Brydon was very disappointed when there were no more books for him to devour about Leif, Barda & Jasmine and their adventures saving Deltora. Fortunately there was also a book called ‘Deltora Tales‘ which tell some of the stories of the history of the land of Deltora. But there are few books that have measured up to the standard of the Deltora Quest books.

We have also discovered that Deltora Quest is really, really big in Japan and they have turned Deltora Quest into Manga cartoons – we would soooo love it if they came out here, but last time I checked it hadn’t happened yet and the same with the Nintendo DS game, as far as I could tell it was only in Japanese which makes it a tad difficult for those of us who don’t speak the language! Looking forward to it coming out in English!!

Emily Rodda is a very prolific author and has written heaps more books including the ‘Rowan of Rin‘ series, girly fairy adventures (Brydon wasn’t interested in reading those ones – they looked too girly!), teen mysteries, kids books and even adult murder mysteries under a different name.

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