Just In Case You Miss Me

I feel so bad that it’s been soooooooo long since I last posted on Eve’s Daughter, almost a year!!!!

Lots of reasons, lots of excuses, but mainly spending time blogging has had to be shunted down the priority list while I look after my ME/CFS husband, home educate three kids – 8, 6 & 3 (the oldest two are hypersensitive and hyposensitive and are being assessed for Aspergers and high end Autism or something else altogether in a couple of weeks and the third, well, we’ll see…), struggle with housework and in doing so discover I am a “Messie” (no surprises there) but in reading “The Messies Manuel” & “Organizing For Life” both by Sandra Felton also realise that I probably have ADD, I can tick all the boxes! And I’m always tired coz I go to bed too late while still trying to get up early especially as early mornings are really the only time I can work on my novel without interruptions or distractions. So sad, but true, while I’m writing this brilliant novel (well I think so anyway, and it’s a series by-the-way), all other writings, including my poetry, blog and other novels (all first drafts) have been put on hold. Perhaps I’ll put the short story that the novel springs from up one day for anyone who is interested, maybe…

Anyway, time to go, I’m very, very tired, again. So I will stagger off to bed shortly – after writing a little bit more 🙂