The Future of Australia

Well, well, well, well…sounds like the start of the Madagascar Penguins when they meet Dr. Blowhole, which has absolutely nothing at all to do with this post 🙂

The idea for this poem was inspired by watching QnA on the ABC with Liberal leader Tony Abbott taking questions from the audience and my husband making the comment that this election has only really been about who can manage this country better, rather than who can lead this country well.

Obviously I’d hoped to have this poem up before the election, but that was just not to be…however, I think that the results so far from this election make it very plain that I am not the only one who is disillusioned with Australia’s two major political parties and their leaders. Perhaps I can write a part two?

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Hung Parliament?

The most likely outcome of this election seems to be a hung parliament with the balance of power held by four independants and one green! I would have liked to see even more – I am disillusioned by the current government and the previous government. In fact, I am disillusioned with politicians altogether, although I am interested to see if Wyatt Roy gets in at Longman (outskirts of Brisbane) and how his political career pans out.

I didn’t manage to get all my political poems out before the election, oh well. I’m still going to put them up although not today. Perhaps I’ll even get one up about this election…but right now, I’m going to bed – it’s been an exhausting few days and there’s a few more to go!

Bloodless Coup

As I say in the poem, inspired by a cartoon in the Weekend Australian Financial Review June 25-27 – unfortunately I never thought to note down who the cartoonist was to give them credit for my inspiration. Sorry!

It was also was inspired by what the media named the “Bloodless Coup” when Julia Gillard ousted Prime Minister Kevin Rudd from the Australian Labor Party and my feelings concerning it, as well as the upcoming election, my concern with Aussie Pollies and their Parties and a book I had just read to my kids about tsunamis.

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Gillard Versus Rudd

Obviously written after Kevin Rudd was deposed as Australia’s Prime Minister – he made history by being the first elected P.M. not to make it through his first term and Julia Gillard made history at the same time by becoming Australia’s first female Prime Minister. Wow, two history making moments in one event! An event I just had to capture in poetry.

At first I was quite happy about Gillard deposing Rudd – if an election had been called right then and there I probably would have voted Gillard and Labor! However, now that euphoria has cooled and I’ve looked back on what happened and how it happened, I have reservations. Add to that Labor’s policies, or lack thereof, on Asylum Seekers, Climate Change and Mining Tax (which I wouldn’t mind actually if the money was then going to be used to research and set up sustainable and viable environmentally friendly energy alternatives, farming, business, housing, infrastructure etc) to name a few and I find I am very unhappy with Labor.

So now I watch and wait and research all the other candidates for this election because, although I am unhappy with Labor, I can’t say I’m over the moon about any of the other political offerings in Australia at the moment either!

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Don’t Be Afraid

This poem came to me one day while I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I had a sheet of paper in a plastic sleeve stuck to the window in front of the sink so I could read inspiring and encouraging scripture verses to myself (when I remembered) while washing dishes.

I read Isaiah 41:10, ‘Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you. I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.’ It was like God speaking to me, reminding me that he is with me, he is holding me up, I can trust him, there is no need to be afraid. I don’t know about you, but this is definitely something I need to be reminded of on a regular basis.

The first draft of this poem was originally written in December 2007 at a time when life was still a huge struggle for us – it’s better now because we trust God more, are more relaxed in the place God has us and not fighting against it like we were, we now know some of what we are dealing with and with God’s help, handle it a lot better and things have just got slowly better.

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Soaring on Eagles’ Wings

This is just a very quick and very late update (like about a year!) – I have published my first book! Self published that is. My wonderful husband did all the graphic and layout stuff, while I provided the words. I meant to put this out ages ago, but i don’t have the link yet that allows you to view the book of poetry online at Lulu. Anyway, I’m going to put this in now and then I’ll pester my husband to help me put the link in! 🙂

If you can’t wait for me to get my act together, you could try searching the Lulu site for “Soaring on Eagles’ Wings” which is the title of my poetry book. You will find some of the poems on Eve’s Daughter in the book too.

Aussie Politics

This poem is a rant about our political system and what I’ve seen and heard over the years. To be honest, I don’t know all that much about politics, it’s never been an area of fascination for me – I’ve tried watching parliament on the ABC, but I just found that dull and boring. Obviously I missed all the fun bits where they attack and belittle each other with dry wit and sarcasm!

And this in itself is something about Aussie Politics that makes me doubt the politicians we have elected. I mean, these people are meant to be running our country, we trust them with our lives, with our future and yet they behave like immature kids in the schoolyard! How can I trust these people to do a good job?! They are meant to be running the country, deciding what is good and right for Australia and the people who live here, not continually finding fault with each other and bickering like children!

Mostly, when it comes to Aussie Politics, I just feel abhorrence at the arrogance of these people who run our country and decide our future, who are so out of touch with the reality that the rest of Australia faces. I mean, how can they be in touch? They spend half their lives in Canberra which is not ordinary at all, they don’t hang out with us ordinary people and I suspect that most of them are on a wage that is significantly higher than the average ordinary person. Perhaps they should try living on an ordinary wage and see how far that gets them! Or try living on a disability pension or a carer’s pension.

And then there are all the extras they get. I wonder, do they have to pay fringe benefits tax? And the pension a retired P.M. gets, well I think that’s just disgusting. Why do we pay them so much? Do they actually do a good enough job that warrants paying them that much? Originally our politicians didn’t get paid at all, they did it because they loved this country and wanted it and its people to do well. Maybe that’s why our Aussie Pollies are such a sad bunch; perhaps if the wage was smaller, we’d actually be getting people in parliament who really did care and weren’t just after a lucrative retirement fund!

I know that this isn’t the case for all politicians. I know that there are many who do care and who are not in it for the money. I’m sure this is true but I don’t know who they are. And I’m sure that Gillard and Abbott and all the others are not that bad at all, it’s just that they do seem to be out of touch with the ordinary Aussies and it really does seem like there are things going on in Aussie Politics that are all about power and money, not about what is actually good for this country.

So I apologise in advance to any politicians who are not like this and who really do care about Australia and her people.

As I have said, this poem is a rant and is my opinion, not necessarily based on fact, just hearsay, media and rumour and my personal feelings.

One thing I do know and have noticed more and more as I’ve grown older (and hopefully wiser) is that voting is a responsibility, something to be taken seriously and not just a waste of my time. I have the responsibility of deciding who I will vote for, researching the policies and platforms of the different parties and deciding who I think will do the best job at running our country. And not just my future, but that of all Australians!

Voting at this election has sure been made a lot harder by the lack of good choices out there! I’m not happy with Labor, nor do I like Liberal, the Greens and I only really agree on the environment, the Nationals are a country Liberal Party and the DLP and CDP, the “Christian” parties are known for their infighting and stupidity which leaves me with Family First who is also making news by making unwise inflammatory comments, proving to the rest of Australia again why you don’t want to vote for these Christian nutters! And to top that all off, I am even more cynical of politics and politicians in 2010 than I was in 2007.

So who on earth do I vote for?!

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Is He REALLY Your Son?

I was out shopping yesterday with my youngest son when I met this young man who reminded me of someone I know. He looked really familiar and he was looking at me in that same sort of way. The second time this happened I stopped and asked him if I knew him because he really did look like someone I knew (not that I could remember who).

He said, “Naaah,” shaking his head, and then he drawled, “I was just looking at you an’ your son and wonderin’ why he’s so blonde an’ your so dark.” I smiled and replied, “It’s in the family; there are blondes in my family, just not me.” He walked off saying, “So it’s in the genes then.” And it is – on my side of the family (mostly extended) there are blondes and red heads and the same on my husband’s side, who was in his youth ginger with grey green eyes.

My youngest, who is now 4, is blonde with blue eyes and pale, pale skin, while my hair is dark brown, I have brown eyes and my skin is brown in comparison (a very pale brown as I tend to stay out of the sun these days – I’ve gone off the suntanned look!) So I can understand his wonder – and he is the second person to ask me that question (not including my sister)!

I had a good laugh telling my husband last night. He was quite indignant that somebody would have the audacity to be that rude! Personally, I find it rather funny. But it did make me pause and wonder… How many people look at my youngest and I when we’re out and think I’ve been dabbling with the mailman?! I think that maybe there are a lot of people who wonder but are just too polite to say something! And no, I haven’t been dabbling – I am happily married and have no interest or desire in having an affair.

All my boys are different and yet they’re all the same. My first has hair as long as mine (halfway down his back) that is a beautiful auburn/chestnut and the envy of many women I know. He has big dark brown eyes, wears glasses (he’s shortsighted like me) and has pale, pale skin. My second likes his hair to be short and spiky brown hair (a number 2 shave is his dream hairstyle) with big dark brown eyes and pale skin (although he does tan if out in the sun). And my third, well, I’ve already described him.

They are all so different and yet, if you look at photos of them at the same ages, they look like the same kid, just with different colour hair! The genetics that God has coded into our system are amazing – I sometimes wonder what colour combination we would have got if we’d had four kids!

“Not Much Is Going To Change At The Top!”

This poem was inspired by the article “Not Much is Going to Change at the Top” by Brian Toohey on p.63 of The Weekend Australian Financial Review, June 25-27. It was the first article I’d read since Gillard toppled Rudd that was not glowing with the possibilities of change from our new Prime Minister. And from what I’ve seen so far, I have to say, I think he might be right.

I was hoping to get this up much sooner, but having one chronically ill husband, one difficult Aspie 9 year old not coping with pressure, another as yet undiagnosed Aspie 7 year old (both home educated) and a 4 year old, all with food issues (so quick take aways or meals in jars are just not an option) kind of cuts into my writing time! I am now getting up earlier and going to bed earlier (as of tonight) and really hoping that will help.

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