One Man Band

Kael found the box of musical instruments under the bed and came outside with a kazoo in his mouth, bells strapped to his wrist, a saucepan lid and drumstick in one hand and bells on a stick in the other, proclaiming himself as a one man band.

It wasn’t long before I’d been conscripted and given the saucepan lid and drumstick to play. We were now a two man band.

And then Xavier joined in too, so we became a three man band, or as Kael said, “a two man, one woman band”.

Outside on the sun warmed concrete we banged, clanged, jingled, jangled, tinkled, rattled and clashed as we played xylophones, finger cymbals, marraccas, bells, shakers, bells, rhythm sticks, a triangle, and of course, our saucepan lid.

Kael found some lose bells and took them on the trampoline, making music as he bounced up and down which he thought was a brilliant way to make music.

We had a great time as music was played very enthusiastically so well that, even the crimson rosellas joined in; although next time I’m wearing ear plugs!

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