Ice in the Bird Bath at Half Past Two!

It was a cold night last night, possibly the coldest we’ve had – the overnight low was at 7:55am and had got down to minus 2.7! I’m glad we had a lie in today 🙂

While eating a late lunch we noticed what appeared to be patches of ice on the concrete outside in the backyard. Naturally we all went outside to check it out, and yes, there were large patches of thin ice all over the concrete.

Kael stepped on it in his bare feet leaving footprints. After seeing ‘Home Alone’ recently where the Kevin hoses down the steps to create ice for the bungling bad guys to fall on, he wanted to see how slippery it was; fortunately there were none of those kinds of accidents.

Out of curiousity we looked in the bird bath and discovered it was still icey and lifted out a large chunk of bird bath shaped ice at half past two in the afternoon! Obviously that patch of backyard doesn’t see much sun in winter! No wonder the kangaroos spent the morning sunning themselves by the shed, they need to thaw out their frozen toes!

And then there were two

Large grey moths have been hatching from cocoons sticking out of the ground and congregating around our back windows.

When I went out this morning there were seven all sitting on the toilet window ledge. And then, when I came out a couple of hours later, there were two.

A magpie sitting on the blackboard, conveniently located under the window, gave me a look before flying off. I think I’d disturbed his mid morning buffet!

There have been two distinct types. The larger of the two is mottled grey like the bark of a gumtree with a dark reddish brown head. When it sat in my hand it was almost the length of it, about 14cm.

The other type was slightly smaller, maybe 10-12cm, mottled grey with two jagged white stripes on each wing.

I am still researching in an effort to discover exactly what kind of moths these are. I’ve been told they are bogongs, but from my brief research I am not so sure.

I am continually amazed at how amazing and stupid these massive insects are. Xavier and I have played with them on the back verandah flapping and crawling on our arms and backs and dive bombing us with their crazy uncontrolled flight.

I don’t know how long they are living as the magpies are eating before they die of natural attrition!