Tatong Tattler Post – April 2013 – Easter Sports

This was our very first Molyullah Easter Sports Day ever, having just bought a nearby property and moved in two weeks earlier. We had a great day. The only downside, in our opinion, were the European wasps buzzing around while we tried to eat our food which means there’s a nest somewhere nearby. Although we have to say we are happy that the Molyullah Easter Sports day is only on once a year as we moved here for the peace and quiet, serenity and mountain views, and with the Molyullah Easter Sports Day running there was not much peace, quiet or serenity, although we still had the mountain views. 🙂

A big thank you goes out to all who put in the hard work to make this day a reality – we noticed that for some dedicated people the Molyullah Easter Sports Day is a whole Easter affair, with people arriving from Good Friday onwards, camping out and preparing the grounds for the big day.

We hope to meet a few fellow Molyullah-ites at the next Molyullah dinner at the Tavern in May. Which we did – it was a great night meeting some local people and eating great food. Thoroughly recommend the Tatong Tavern for a meal if you’re in the area.

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