Over the last couple of days, out of Xavier’s mouth have come two ‘quotable quotes’, what Tim and I have called ‘Keepers’.

The first ‘keeper’ came about when Xav was talking about a pc game he didn’t yet have. He said, on August 3rd, ‘My most favourite game that I haven’t got yet!’

Love it. 🙂

Then last night, while I was suffering a massive headache, he asked me what it felt like. I described it to him, not very well. Pounding headaches and loquaciousness just don’t go together.

His response was this, ‘Does it feel like someone stamping on your head wearing diamond boots?’

That was a so much better description of how my head was feeling.

Fortunately by the time this morning rolled around, the ogre (coz the ‘someone stamping on my head’ wouldn’t be a very nice person) stamping on my head with diamond boots got bored and left. But I’m going to keep Xav’s description for the next time my head is pounding. 🙂

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