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Well, I got my wish, I have a broody hen, just not the one I was expecting. Instead of Scales, our Gold Laced Wyandotte going broody (bought especially for the task), Minnie, the Minorca has instead. From all my research, the Minorcas were amongst the last of my assorted breeds that I’d have thought would go broody.

A week later and Minnie is still insisting on sitting on eggs so I lashed out and bought half a dozen fertilised eggs of Blue Barnevelders, Barnevelders and Gold Laced Wyandottes and placed them underneath her after removing an egg laid by Welzy. I’ve closed her box off from the others so no-one else can get in there to lay eggs and we’ll see if we get some little chickies in the next 3 weeks.

Tim was wondering if there’d be any for Christmas Dinner or his birthday in Feb 🙂 I laughed and told him that they’re not commercial meat chooks and will take about 6 months before they’re ready for the table instead of 6 weeks. If all 10 eggs hatched (which is doubtful) then at least half of them will be male and end up on the table. Hens, well we’ll see, but I’d really love a couple of Barnevelder hens that’ll hopefully lay nice chocolate brown eggs.

On another note, my chook supplier said he’d replace the Araucana who died, so in the next 3 or 4 weeks we’ll get another Araucana, and as I won’t introduce her to the flock alone, I’ve requested a Blue Andalusian too, so it’s all fun in the Chicken Coop at our place.

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