Fertilised Eggs – Day Eighteen!

Well it’s day 18 now for our fertilised eggs. If all goes according to plan we should get some little chickies hatching in the incubator in the next few days.

Of course my experience with chickens of late has shown me that rarely do things go to plan and it really is “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” because the chances of all twelve eggs hatching are very slim. Not that I’ve got twelve eggs – seven are in the incubator while the other five are under Kathy’s broody hen.

Not sure what happens once the ones at Kathy’s hatch. Do we leave them with her broody? Bring chicks here after they hatch and put them all together? Leave the broody with one chick? Or just leave them with Kathy and I’ll get some fertilised eggs off her later? Guess we’d better sort it out pretty soon.

Tim and I tried candling the eggs last night, but obviously we have absolutely no idea as it was a complete failure. I’ll have to look it up for the next time we do it so we know how to do it. But what I did do was take the eggs out of the turny thingy and place them on a tea towel on the tray and refill the water so the humidity is high for the next few days.

Apparently I should hear pipping from the eggs on about day twenty, although the incubator is quite noisy so maybe we won’t… I’m just hoping we get a decent hatch rate and I didn’t waste my money. Guess I’ll know in a few days.

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