Which Rooster?

From our first lot of homegrown chickies we have three roosters. The plan was always to eat any roos we hatch, however, the roos crowing don’t bother our neighbours so now we have the opportunity to keep a couple for breeding purposes.

The Gold Laced Wyandotte was always destined for the tsble, so there’s no problems there. But then there’s Barney (my only Barnevelder) and Brownie (my only Rhode Island Red). Barney has always been a favourite – eats from my hand, tolerates pats and is easy to pick up and he’s a beautiful looking bird. Brownie, on the other hand is quite plain in comparison, but he’s a big boy and likely to put meat on the bones of any offspring.

However Brownie is scared of his own shadow and is forever running away when another chook looks at him sideways. I do wonder if that would change if the other two got the chop? Barney is not afraid and is busy asserting his rooster rights. And then there’s the added fact that I’ve got a new bunch of chickies coming through and three of them are Light Sussex – any roos from this bunch will also put meat on the bones of their offspring. And I’m hoping for an Araucana roo – really like getting coloured eggs 🙂

At this stage, Biggest and Brownie are for the pot. Barney gets to hang around a while longer. Of course, it’s always possible I’ll change my mind again!

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