Laying Again!

Well the chooks went on a five week break from their egg laying duties, Welzy anyway, everyone else took considerably longer to moult and start laying again. My three white egg layers stopped laying in mid March, while everyone else kept going ’til just after Easter, and didn’t start again ’til June.

Welzy the WelsummerXLightSussex, Cana the Araucana and Miss Ruby the Croad Langshan were my champion layers and were the last to drop off laying – Welzy outlasted them all. Welzy and Miss Ruby started laying in June at the same time as the white egg layers who’d had an extra month off! Cana however, has only started laying again now in mid July.

It was quite disappointing having to buy in eggs! But the girls have ve started laying again and we’re extremely grateful to be eating our own free range organic eggs. The very first egg was a giant white one and a double yolker which Xavier had on toast for breakfast.

First egg and a Double Yolker!

First egg and a Double Yolker!

Once again Welzy is my champion egg layer and laying about five eggs a week, but Miss Ruby is right up there with her. And just in the last week the two Gold Laced Wyandotte pullets that survived our first disasterous chook season, have started laying. It’s so nice to have eggs again.

We’re getting just over two eggs a day out of five chooks (only half of them are laying) and those white egg layers of mine have been disappointing when it comes to egg production as they’ve stopped laying again! I think the two Spanish girls are going to relegated to the home flock with the pet chickens and bunnies – if they’re not laying they can scratch and hunt for bugs instead!

I’ve been told that if I can hatch out some chickies around Christmas then they’re more likely to lay through winter, so I’ll see if we can make that happen. I’m so glad the girls are laying again – it’s so nice using an egg from one of your own chooks – the beautiful golden yolks turn our custards and cakes really yellow without the aid of food colouring!

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