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This About page is getting bigger than BeHur – I wonder i f I can do it in sections?

Started anonymous and with Life universe and everything tag line, not anonymous with soaring on eagles wings tagline – why the change???? 

Why did I choose Eve’s Daughter as the name of my blog?

As usual with me, that’s another story in itself.

Rather than starting in the middle, I shall begin at the beginning, and hopefully it will all make sense.

I love to write. I have loved to write for as long as I can remember and as I’ve been around for getting close to forty years, I’ve had that love for a long, long time. Writing is what truly makes me come “alive”. And for a while now I’ve been wanting to start a blog. I’ve wanted to chronicle my journey – “life, the universe and everything” (the third book in Douglas Adams’ ‘HitchHikers Guide’ series – if you haven’t read them, then do, I still enjoy them and I’ve read them a few times). I chose this tag line because this blog encompasses everything that I find important, or not. It is, afterall, a blog about my life journey, so it’s gonna touch on a lot of varied stuff – God, my family and friends, my spiritual journey, what I’ve done, the discoveries I’ve made, the stuff I’m learning, the home education adventure, stuff on health, diet and exercise, stuff I’ve written (poetry, short stories, maybe even novels!), parenting, relationships, church and my opinions on the environment, world issues, politics, books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen…

Originally when the desire to blog first presented itself, I wanted to call it “Journey” because the word journey describes my life – my life is a journey; for that matter, everyone’s life is a journey. But instead of “Journey” my blog is “Eve’s Daughter”. So what happened?

Well, when I started reading ‘Captivating’ I just knew that I needed to start my blog and chronicle my journey through this book. To be honest, I don’t know if anyone will ever read this stuff except for me and T, but if they do, it is my prayer, that somehow, in some way, preferably positively, they will be touched, inspired, encouraged, motivated, whatever’ed – and will enjoy reading about the journey I’m on.

So I prayed about it. Woohoo!! Sometimes I actually remember to ask God what he thinks before I jump in boots and all! So I said to God, “if I’m gonna do this thing, what should I call it?” The response was very definately ‘Eve’s Daughter’ – it wasn’t an audible voice response, I just had a very definite sense, a ‘knowing’. By this time I had read more of the book which talks in various places about all women being a daughter of Eve – and I actually found it encouraging, most of the time, although there were a few bits that weren’t so flattering. 

The story of Eve holds such rich treasures for us to discover. The essence and purpose of a woman is unveiled here in the story of her creation. These profound, eternal, mythic themes are written not just here in the coming of Eve, but in the soul of every woman after. Woman is the crown of creation – the most intricate, dazzling creature on earth. She has a crucial role to play, a destiny of her own. And she, too, bears the image of God, but in a way that only the feminine can speak. What can we learn from her? God wanted to reveal something abut himself, so he gave us Eve… p.26 ‘Captivating’ 

Not only am I a child of God, I am Eve’s Daughter (“Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.” Genesis 3:20 NIV), and every woman born after was created, chosen, just for this purpose, to reveal something about God. And that includes me.

when I asked, that was the answer I was given. I didn’t jump at it. I felt a little silly about it. But it also just felt right, comfortable, even though it didn’t feel comfortable at all. It was, at first like a new woollen jumper, a bit scratchy and itchy. But after a few washes, is really comfortable and warm. I was excited by calling my blog “Eve’s Daughter”, and embarrassed.

I have remained anonymous in this blog because I want people who know me to be able to read what I write without concerning themselves about me. I would really love it if someone who perhaps I am having issues with could read through my thoughts and ramblings and actually benefit from it without knowing that I am writing about our relationship. And whenever this sort of thing comes up it will be how I am feeling and what I am doing about it. Of course, if you know me well, you will probably be able to figure out it is me after you’ve read through some of the posts, and that’s okay too.

This is a blog about me, my journey through life. I love to write (and talk) so this is a great opportunity for me – I can be centre stage, there is no one to compete with me! And this way too I don’t have to be worried about earbashing – you can leave the blog anytime, the power is in you! I also love sharing my journey through life with others, my thoughts, my experiences, interesting books I’ve read – perhaps what I share may be of benefit to others. I always hope! And also, I am a little tired and jaded of all the books I can read about other women and their lives – true I have not read them all and I’m sure there are some ones out there that I’d really enjoy. But at times I’ve just had a hankering for writing about my life and calling it “An Ordinary Life” or something, because so much of the stuff I read seems to be about extraordinary people, people who’ve got it much more together than I have and probably ever will! And I think it’s great that they are extraordinary, I just sometimes feel that I will never measure up, so instead of inspiring me I feel worse off than before…

So the aim of this blog is for me to journal my thoughts and experiences etc – my journey – abridged of course, otherwise I’d never get off the computer! And hopefully to help and inspire others on their journey and although I don’t see my life as anything special, I am slowly realising that no-one has an ordinary life, everyone’s life is extraordinary, including my own.

This is about my journey, my thoughts, my experiences, my interpretation of what life throws at me. It won’t necessarily be politically correct and you may not agree with it. That’s okay. If I offend you – ask why. If I inspire you – fantastic. If I don’t touch you in any way – oh well.

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