A Mysterious Wind

Standing outside hanging the washing on the line in the evening (because I was out all day and this was the first opportunity I’d had) when from out of nowhere, I heard a sudden rushing wind.

I looked around expecting to see trees bending and swaying beneath what would be a massive onslaught, yet all around me remained still and calm. Well, except for the raucus calling of the sulphur crested cockatoos seeking a place to nest for the night.

They flew directly above me, something I always find a bit nerve wracking. Fortunately no parcels were dropped. It was then realisation dawned. The flock, a good hundred strong, was the cause of the rushing wind I’d heard. The beating of over a hundred pairs of wings sounded like the wind rushing through trees. Impressive.

But funny too. There were three stragglers desperately trying to catch up to the main flock. The wing beats of three cockies was not impressive at all. About five minutes later the same thing happened. This time I knew to look to the sky to watch the cockatoos fly by.