Lemon Butter

‘Gourmet Farmer’ for the win, yet again 🙂 We watched the final ep of season 3 and when it was over Brydon said, ‘I want to do some cooking.’ I’d been planning to make Lemon Butter for about a week, so I said we could make it tomorrow. I thought it was too late to  a start cooking then. But his ASD insomnia kicked in and it was 1am before he (and I) were able to go to sleep. I reckon we could have made it in that time! Needless to say we were a bit zombified the next morning.

At the moment we have two trees heavily laden with lemons – they’re not huge lemons yet, but there’s lots of them – and we have a third tree that’s beginning to fruit. I think it’s time to start using them a little more vigorously, not just picking the occassional one to squeeze into the guacamole or over the fish. Also on the list of lemony things to make is Grandma Phyl’s lemon cordial, cheesecake, perhaps even marmalade and I’ve seen a recipe for preserving lemons. But first, I want to make Lemon Butter.

So that is what we did. I made sure it was pretty easy for his first attempt at cooking since moving to the new house, so had already sterilised the jars and gathered all the ingrediants and utensils. We were using the Thermomix whch also made it easier – no cooking over a hot stove, something he is actually quite terrified of (one of his sensory issues is being incredibly sensitive to pain, which makes him fearful of burning himself).

He read the recipe, squeezed the lemon (after learning about sticking it in the microwave for a few seconds to make it jucier), cracked the two eggs using our fantastic egg cracking gadget (Tim bought because he’s sick of dropping eggshells into the cooking and the boys love using it), helped me weigh the butter and put the sugar in the Thermomix, pressed all the buttons and in 3 seconds we had caster sugar! I did all the bits that required using a sharp knife 🙂

He added all the ingrediants to the Thermomix. Pressed all the buttons again and eight minutes later we had delicious Lemon Butter. This recipe didn’t make a lot, but that was fine, we needed to try it out first. Needless to say, by the time it was chilled and ready to eat it was already half gone!

We have a friend with a house cow, so we’re going to ask her if she could spare some butter – maybe we could even go round and make some! That would be fun 🙂 So that the next time we make Lemon Butter (which will be soon, we’re going to make it for Xmas in July gifts) we’ll be making it with our chemical free, home grown lemons and fresh from the cow butter. When we get chooks, we’ll be able to use their free range, chemical free eggs too and then the only ingrediant not grown by us or someone we know, will be the sugar!

Brydon plans on doing more cooking using the Thermomix. Yay! He liked the fact that he could cook hot stuff with a much smaller chance of burning himself, and that it was so quick and easy. Me, I dream that one day one of my boys will be a gourmet chef and help me with the cooking 🙂