Tatong Tattler Post – April 2013 – The Molyullah Easter Sports Day Poem

Molyullah Easter Sports Day,
what a fabulous affair.
People came from far and wide
to see Molyullah’s wares.
At 8 o’clock the horn did sound
to welcome one and all
and give the Gardner family
their morning wake-up call!
Tractor engines throbbed and thrummed
and very soon, the smell of diesel engines
wafted through our door.

A leisurely stroll up to the gate
we wandered in, a little late
only three hours after the starters call.
We sauntered in, checked out the rides and food
– those most important things!
The jumping castle, that was the ride for our middle son
(‘twas the only reason that he’d come)
while our youngest one
tried his hand at Crash the Rat
and bounced that little ball.
We looked at the pole, the sheep
and the large hay bale
but to guess the height of one
and the weight of two,
we were sadly without a clue.

By now it was time to eat,
you can’t put hungry boys off for long,
so chips and meat it was,
with cans of soft drink too.
The meat was very yummy and scrummy,
but it was the chips that won our hearts –
whoever did cook those carvery chips,
the job they did it was superb
their chips a lovely golden brown
crisp and crunchy on the outside
but on the inside soft and fluffy –
the perfect chip to feed our family!

We watched the old tractors pull and pull
that heavy weight along the sandy track;
we saw the men chopping wood,
heard piggies squeal in the petting farm,
and children shout and scream
as we watched them ride that twisting, bucking bull.
The horse events went on all day
with showjumping and novelty events.
The bending, flag and barrel races
brought back memories
as I watched ‘Strike’ and ‘Invaders Girl’
battle it out head to head,
as they weaved their way through the poles
as fast as they could without knocking them down
then galloped down the straight so fast
it looked like they might miss.

And all the while
engines throbbed and thrummed –
spinning, churning,
clanking, whirring;
blue clouds of smoke and diesel fumes
strong upon the air.
The spinning wheel and jumble sale
were popular indeed,
and as I passed on through the crowd
I heard an older lady say
to an older gent,
‘I remember this when I was a girl,’
and his response,
‘And back then it was on the back of a truck.’

And now the day is over,
we’ve all gone home footsore and pleasantly tired;
the grounds are all empty and quiet
as everything’s packed up.
All that is left, the only evidence of
the Molyullah Easter Sports Day
are the 31 bins out the front!

Carla G.
April 2013